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The products of Öströmin Perunatuote are divided into two separate sectors: peeled potatoes and refined pre-cooked potatoes. Both product groups include products to meet different needs.


We constantly conduct product development in order to introduce our customers to potato products that are even easier to use and tastier than ever before. Product development is always based on the needs of the customers.

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Peeled potatoes

We supply peeled potatoes for the HoReCa sector, colour coded according to different uses. We test the potato varieties used as raw material and ensure that they are suitable for their intended purpose. HoReCa products are packed into 10 kg sacks in preservative, and 5 kg sacks preserved in water.


Our other important customer sector is industry, for which we tailor our products to meet the needs of our individual customers. The product may be customised according to intended use, preservative method and package size.

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Pre-cooked potatoes

Our pre-cooked products are refined and cut potatoes, which we pack mainly into 10 kg packages. No preservatives are used in the packaging, and the products are fresh and tasty. The products are especially suitable for industry and catering, when volumes are high. Our pre-cooked products include, according to the wishes of our customers, slices, cubes, and strips of various sizes.

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Öströmin Perunatuote is a family business that started its operation in 1991 by manufacturing potato croquettes. The manufacturing of our current primary product, peeled potato, began in the mid-’90s when the potato croquette product line was terminated. In 1998, the company changed its company into a limited company, which spelled a new phase of rapid growth. By the end of 2008 more refined, cut and pre-cooked products were introduced into the product selection.
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