Veitsikuoritut perunat Quality
potato products
Perunapelto Ecological
and safe choice
Perunatuotteiden kuljetus Reliable delivery and
responsible production

Perunatuote Ltd

Öströmin Perunatuote Ltd is a family business based in Kristiinankaupunki, operating in the food industry and producing various refined products from the potato. The main goods of the company are knife-peeled potatoes for various purposes and pre-cooked potato products. Ready products are supplied for central warehouses, industry, and for wholesale.


The high quality of products, very reliable supply and being a trustworthy contract partner – these are Öströmin Perunatuote’s most well known features.
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As we see it, the overall quality experienced by the customer is formed by three basic notions: product quality, operation quality, and constant development work. We believe that customer satisfaction is derived from these three main ideas.

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We acknowledge our responsibility of contributing to achieving a balanced environment by developing our processes towards more energy efficient solutions. We aim to take environmental issues into account as an important aspect already in the designing stage of operation.

Developing partner

In order to reach our goal we are visibly participating in the development of the whole supply chain of the product. The quality of the final product is essentially affected by the whole life cycle of the potato: cultivation of raw material, supplying the factory, refining of the product and shipping of the end product to the customer. Öströmin Perunatuote wants to be a partner that can handle the whole supply chain.


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Good and tasty potato products

We constantly conduct product development in order to introduce our customers to potato products that are even easier to use and tastier than ever before. Product development is always based on the needs of the customers.

28,000 tons of potato yearly

Öströmin Perunatuote has grown strongly in the last ten years and is now one of the top businesses in the potato market. The growth derives from the quality of products and operation, which have always been seen as cornerstones of the whole operation.

The company presently employs about 40 fulltime employees, 45 contract farmers, and several subcontracting businesses.





We provide high quality products all year round