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Nowadays our company emphasises the final product more and more, and strives to make it as easy-to-use, high-quality and cost-efficient to the end user as possible.

Developing partner

Our com­pa­ny aims to pro­duce qua­li­ty rea­dy-ma­de po­ta­to so­lu­tions for ca­te­ring, the food in­dustry, ve­ge­table who­le­sa­le, and res­tau­rants, thus crea­ting ad­di­tio­nal va­lue for the con­su­mer. We want to uti­li­se qua­li­ty, price, flexi­bi­li­ty, re­lia­bi­li­ty of ship­ping, si­tua­tio­nal sen­si­ti­vi­ty, and a ser­vice-orien­ted at­ti­tu­de to crea­te ad­ded va­lue for our cus­to­mers.


In or­der to reach our goal we are vi­sibly par­tici­pa­ting in the de­ve­lop­ment of the who­le supply chain of the pro­duct. The qua­li­ty of the fi­nal pro­duct is es­sen­tial­ly af­fec­ted by the who­le li­fe cycle of the po­ta­to: cul­ti­va­tion of raw ma­te­rial, supplying the fac­to­ry, re­fi­ning of the pro­duct and ship­ping of the end pro­duct to the cus­to­mer. Öströ­min Pe­ru­na­tuo­te wants to be a part­ner that can hand­le the who­le supply chain.


We supply our products for central warehouses and wholesale distributors, and industrial uses around Finland. In addition to our main markets, we also supply refined products for export. Our extensive network of co-operative partners ensures swift logistics all the way to the customer. Our wide product selection and the benefits of scaled operation enable us to provide our customers fresh products every day of the year.

Whe­re­ver in Fin­land you go, you can­not avoid see­ing the pro­ducts of Öströ­min Pe­ru­na­tuo­te.


As we see it, the overall quality experienced by the customer is formed by three basic notions: product quality, operation quality, and constant development work. We believe that customer satisfaction is derived from these three main ideas. All three fundamental aspects must be covered in order to achieve the optimal result.

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We acknowledge our responsibility of contributing to achieving a balanced environment by developing our processes towards more energy efficient solutions. We aim to take environmental issues into account as an important aspect already in the designing stage of operation. This way it is possible to continuously cut emissions caused by production, even though production quantities and efficiency are being increased.

The high quality of products, very reliable supply and being a trustworthy contract partner – these are Öströmin Perunatuote’s most well known features.